Barrie area becoming the place to be in central Ontario

Friday Jan 22nd, 2021



It's been a long haul, but recent data from a national moving company shows Barrie and Orillia are moving on up the list of places to live in Canada.

According to U-Haul data analyzing migration patterns from 2020, the Barrie/Orillia market registers as the No. 5 growth city in the country. 

The report indicates people coming to Barrie and Orillia in one-way U-Haul trucks increased 22 per cent during the past year, while departures jumped only 10 per cent from 2019.

So what makes this area so popular?

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman believes it could be, in part, due to the recent changes in the way people work because of COVID-19.

“I think the obvious reason for increased migration to Barrie is people betting on the ability to work from home, at least some of the time, on an ongoing basis after COVID,” Lehman told BarrieToday. “There may also be some short-term out-migration from the GTA due to their higher rates of COVID.”

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Written by Shawn Gibson/BarrieToday

Photo credit to Raymond Bowe/BarrieToday

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