1.  Use the services of a Brokerage who is active in the area you are looking to buy or sell, a local Brokerage knows the local market and can respond faster than someone out of town.

2.  When selling, don’t just choose the Brokerage offering the lowest commission rate or suggesting the highest asking price. Your home is one of your biggest investments and you need to know that your Broker and Sales Representative is going to market your home extensively at a fair and just commission rate.

3.  When buying, protect yourself! Don’t sign any paperwork unless you are know what you are agreeing to. This form is called a BUYER’S REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT. A professional Realtor can and should explain this document in detail.  This contract binds you, the client, and the Broker or Sales Representative together for the length of the contract. Remember that you don’t want to bind yourself to a Realtor unless you are sure you want to work with them and are equally sure that they will work very hard for you.

4.  Call me anytime at 705-715-4647 to attain the "preferred client status".  I will explain the many advantages including your ability to find out about properties that aren't listed quite yet but will need to sell soon.


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